"I chose empire because I’m originally from New York and I knew I wanted to begin my business back in my home state. While Empire was originally established in New York, I plan to expand the business and its positive impact for not only clients but also employees and consumers, beyond New York."
Jessica Wangler Owner/Director of Operations
“With a background in the IT industry and HR, I worked in a corporate office for about seven years. My association with Empire Strategics has been a wonderful journey so far, which has provided me with opportunities to learn and implement marketing strategies and exposure to the retail industry. It is not easy for any individual to switch their area of expertise/domain. But, the organization’s values of cross-skilling, networking, inclusion, and belonging have made it easy to adapt to the environment. The recruitment process is very smooth, and Maya, the recruiter, always has been supportive and engaging. The breakdown of the business models is in detail. Jess, the Director, is an amazing person to work with, who has been a great support system and a tremendous mentor and trainer! I am so glad to be a part of this team. They provide opportunities for professional growth, personal growth, and diversity inclusion, where I could see my development from a client representative to a corporate trainer position within an expected period. The energy they bring into the office greatly impacts anybody looking forward to learning and growing in marketing and sales.”
Kavyashree Nataraju Corporate Trainer
“Being in sales for four years, I sought more opportunities and growth chances. While working at Empire Strategics, I have grown leadership skills while honing in on my sales ability in the face-to-face aspect of the field. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to grow my team and learn how a business runs in the back office. I recently learned: a job is something you either make a lot of money or learn new skills. Empire Strategics offered both. They allowed me to public speak, trust myself as a leader and decide who I want on my team through the hiring process. No other company in Corporate America trusts its employees as Empire Strategics does. I am determined to see my teammates and my growth going forward.”
Justin Price Corporate Trainer
“I’ve appreciated every moment of my time at Empire Strategics. In my time here, I’ve had the opportunity to help foster growth and development in other individuals looking to push beyond their comfort zones and build new skill sets. I can’t wait to continue to grow with the program and see how big this empire will become!”
Alex Brennan Assistant Director
"My journey at Empire Strategic has been phenomenal! Empire Strategics provides its employees with personal and professional development, networking opportunities, and continual enhancement of skills every week. It's more aligned with the goals I cherish and think a work ethic and style should have within a firm. Empire Strategies' depiction of a cultural business offers management and leadership opportunities to anyone with any level of expertise who is eager to grow, develop, and strive for success, like myself. I have been in the business for 2 and 1/2 months and have accomplished many things in this industry. I’m eager to grow my brand, work with my team, and work on other areas that will help me become more effective as a leader in the future and eventually run my company!"
Ayan Hassan Corporate Trainer
I moved back to Florida to Buffalo, NY, after I graduated college in May 2023. I was looking for an opportunity for growth and to gain experience within the marketing and sales industry. Empire strategics opened my eyes and allowed me to gain the desired growth that I was looking to gain in an entry-level position. The culture and training program they offer allows you to develop the skill sets you are looking to gain right of college. Overall, thus far this has been a fantastic experience and I'm looking forward to improving and getting better every day.
Ryan Stack
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Empire Strategics provides a collaborative environment that fosters the growth of young professionals who desire an opportunity for development and growth. Additionally, the culture of Empire is unique. Between team nights, philanthropy events, and book club meetings, Empire encourages the development of relationships that transcends those of typical employee dynamics.

  • Performance Driven
  • Ambitious
  • Team Oriented
  • Collaborative
  • Opportunity based

Our Focus


Our clients are our partners. Whether we are working on brand awareness, marketing promotions, or lead generation, we make achieving client goals our focus each and every day.

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The customer's experience is the key to continued company growth. We show value to customers by building customer relationships that are more human. We learn from customers and use those valuable insights to get better.


Employees will fully engage when they understand the strategy, the customer focus, and the ultimate profit, sales, or service goals. We empower our employees to bring ideas and encourage them to grow in their careers. Our team is motivated to deliver the best experience and to keep improving.


We take pride in partnering with our client Inspire to promote clean energy. Our team's lifetime sales are estimated to avoid 186 million pounds of carbon emissions from being released into the atmosphere; Our team's year-to-date sales are estimated to avoid 72 million pounds of carbon emissions from being released into the atmosphere for 2023.


M pounds of CO2 emissions offset

This year's projected impact of

M pounds offset

Marketing | Promotions

Our marketing operations are simple and effective. We streamline our clients' revenue while educating customers face-to-face on the services that best meet their needs. Finding the balance between clients and customers isn't easy, but that's where we rise to the top.

Top Performers

Justin Price
Corporate Trainer
Kavyashree Nataraju
Corporate Trainer
Ayan Hassan
Corporate Trainer
Clients choose to work with Empire because we offer a face-to-face marketing approach that allows large companies to become more accessible to consumers while also providing world-class customer service.