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Empire Strategics provides a collaborative environment that fosters the growth of young professionals who desire an opportunity for development and growth. Additionally, the culture of Empire is unique. Between team nights, philanthropy events, and book club meetings, Empire encourages the development of relationships that transcends those of typical employee dynamics.

  • Performance Driven
  • Ambitious
  • Team Oriented
  • Collaborative
  • Opportunity based

Our Focus


Our clients are our partners. Whether we are working on brand awareness, marketing promotions, or lead generation, we make achieving client goals our focus each and every day.

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The customer's experience is the key to continued company growth. We show value to customers by building customer relationships that are more human. We learn from customers and use those valuable insights to get better.


Employees will fully engage when they understand the strategy, the customer focus, and the ultimate profit, sales, or service goals. We empower our employees to bring ideas and encourage them to grow in their careers. Our team is motivated to deliver the best experience and to keep improving.

Marketing | Promotions

Our marketing operations are simple and effective. We streamline our clients' revenue while educating customers face-to-face on the services that best meet their needs. Finding the balance between clients and customers isn't easy, but that's where we rise to the top.


"I chose empire because I’m originally from New York and I knew I wanted to begin my business back in my home state. While Empire was originally established in New York, I plan to expand the business and its positive impact for not only clients but also employees and consumers, beyond New York."
Jessica Wangler Owner/Director of Operations
"The opportunity to help develop a foundation for Empire Strategics- at the same time grow personally, expand my business acumen and help those around me- has made this one of the most rewarding and exciting decisions I have ever made."
Tyler Corporate Trainer
“I’m so excited to help Empire grow as we expand our mark in the Buffalo area! This team is talented and has a bright future!”
Becca S Talent Acquisitions
Clients choose to work with Empire because we offer a face-to-face marketing approach that allows large companies to become more accessible to consumers while also providing world-class customer service.